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10:30 PM: Witches of Williamsburg (Fri & Sat only)
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8:00 PM: Dead of Night
9:30 PM: Witches of Williamsburg (Fri & Sat only)
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Spooks and Legends Haunted Tours, LLC, was created by Bonnie Florek. Her creativity has certainly been a true asset to her very unique tours. Practically an overnight success, Spooks and Legends has attracted guests from as far away as Holland, France, United Kingdom, Canada and others.

Wearing 18th century costume and strolling through town, Bonnie "becomes" the ghost of a true character who lived in town during the Revolution. First person, costumed tours were designed and developed when realized what was missing from other area tours. Having been a tour guide for other companies, Bonnie knew, first hand, that the majority of the evening was spent on history and lifeless stories. Consequently, she has created her own tours to be what guests truly want and expect. Spooks and Legends makes the reality of spirits come to life through its originality. As new ghostly tales are revealed by 21st century town residents and employees, Bonnie integrates them into her existing tours. All information given has been fully researched, often reported by employees from town. No false props or artificial elements are added to our family friendly tour. If you take photographs and later see ghosts in them, you can be sure they are real.

The Original Dead of Night Tour
Hear factual stories of real ghosts who inhabit the town of Williamsburg. Follow your costumed, ghostly guide down eerie streets, by candlelight. A first-person tour, your guide becomes a ghost from the 18th century, who lived and died in this very haunted town. You will experience the Peyton Randolph House, the most haunted in Virginia. Guests often see and hear strange, inexplicable sights and sounds, so you will not want to attend without a camera in hand. A truly one-of-a-kind, unique tour you will not want to miss!

The Witches of Williamsburg Tour
Interactive, fun and entertaining, you will hear of witches and witch trials associated with Williamsburg. Taken down the darkest street in town, by candlelight, you will head straight to the jail, where moans of the dead can often be heard and where the Wagon of Death still creaks on its way to the gallows. You will hear of witches who were locked away in dark, dank, cells, where Blackbeard's pirate crew awaited their hangings. The only witch tour in town, it will certainly satisfy your curiosities.

The Colonial Conspiracy Tour
This tour begins near the Bruton Parish Church, where a secret vault is said to be buried, in the graveyard. You will hear of Sir Francis Bacon, who is believed to be the true author of Shakespeare's works. Hear of the tunnels still underground, in town, kept secret by our forefathers. Find out who drank from Blackbeard's skull, and the significance of the dimensions of the gallows. Whether or not you care to believe in the information presented, is up to you. However, we promise for this to be a very thought-provoking tour that you will not want to miss. Call for available tour times.

This is an Alcohol Free / Smoke Free Tour: Spooks and Legends has the authority to forfeit anyone's ticket who arrives intoxicated prior to tour time.
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