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Lucy Ludwell / Catherine Rathell

The ghost of Lucy Ludwell is our newest "ghost guide" from 18th century Williamsburg. Known as the town lunatic, Lucy leads our Dead of Night tour through the haunting streets of town. She tells of her horseless carriage rides as well as her bath fetish. Lucy will entertain you by sharing tales of her many ghostly friends, who return just to greet you.

Catherine Rathell, town milliner, tells of Patrick Henry, a man she wishes she had never met. You will come to hear why Miss Catherine blames Mr. Henry for her untimely death. Should you be unfortunate enough to meet him while strolling through town, it is best to ignore his presence, lest you care to land in the stocks or pillory before leaving town. As you stroll past Dr. McKenzie's shop, keep your eyes open as his skeleton stares out at you, as you pass by his apothecary window.

Lucy Ludwell and Catherine Rathell are played by owner Bonnie Florek. Bonnie is also available to perform one of her very successful monologues. She offers fun presentations for group gatherings.

Peter Pelham

The character of Peter Pelham is played by Fred Vick. Fred is no stranger to the tour business. He has worked for area tours and has been the very successful owner of American Guided Tours, LLC, over the span of 10 years, now. We are so happy to have him sharing his talents with us. He is a wonderful asset to our tours.


James and Elizabeth Geddy

Eric and Jaycee Redmond are our newest characters. A favorite of children, James and Elizabeth greet our guests while on their way to return some jewelry their father has just repaired. They are happy to chat for a few minutes, while out for a stroll through town.

This is an Alcohol Free / Smoke Free Tour: Spooks and Legends has the authority to forfeit anyone's ticket who arrives intoxicated prior to tour time.
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