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Williamsburg history is packed with stories of haunted houses. Here are some of the hauntings you'll hear about on our tours.

Peyton Randolph House is filled with sadness. Suicides, murders, illness and unrest have all been a large part of this house's distant and more recent past. It has been investigated on Unsolved Mysteries and many spirits remain in the house, today. Called the most haunted house in America, many are too afraid to go near the house, even in the daylight hours.

Ludwell Paradise House was inhabited by one of the most eccentric and mentally ill women of the 18th century. Recent residents report hearing Lucy taking her baths, having had a bath fetish before she was committed to the town's lunatic asylum. She is often seen looking out the window, today.

George Wythe House is still inhabited by Mr. Wythe, himself, as well as some of his slaves. A frequent "guest" of the house is George Washington after having used it as his headquarters, during the Battle of Yorktown. Of course, Lady Ann Skipwith, the beautiful red head with the hot temper, is a permanent "resident" of the house.

This is an Alcohol Free / Smoke Free Tour: Spooks and Legends has the authority to forfeit anyone's ticket who arrives intoxicated prior to tour time.
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