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Tour starts at 9:00 PM
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Tour starts at 8:00 PM
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Friday and Saturday nights only
Dead Of Night Encore
Encore begins at 10:30 PM in Market Square by the Courthouse Pillory and Stocks
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This was one of the best Haunted Tours that I have ever taken. Our guide, Bonnie, transformed herself into a ghost right before our eyes. She was very entertaining and held our interest during the tour. My son (age 11) was enthralled. The true ghost stories and history were very fascinating. When we got back and I had a chance to look at my pictures, I couldn't believe all of the "visitors" that took the tour with us!
October 2012, posted on Trip Advisor

 This tour was so much fun and entertaining. The tour guide stayed in character all evening which made this such a unique experience. Being a former history teacher, I was entralled, but even the youngest of children seemed caught up in the moment and paid rapt attention to every word our guide said. Williamsburg is beautiful in the day light but magical at night.
September 2012, posted on TripAdvisor

Have been on several Haunted tours and I think this is one of the best. Excellent guide. Patient and prepared. Did not feel rushed and she has an excellent grasp of the subject. She was able to blend the history and haunts together very well. We would definitely do it again.
September 2012, Craig C, Hopewell, VA

This Colonial Williamsburg tour relates tales of numerous ghostly sightings within the context of the town's history. Several well known historical figures and places are included. The tour guide is in 18th century character and costume and does a remarkable job of drawing you into the mood of the times. Before you are through you will begin to see and hear things in spite of your skepticism. There is no technical trickery involved, just your imagination. A good time.
September 2012, posted on TripAdvisor

My husband and two children ages 10 and 11 took this tour on June 29, 2012. Our guide was outstanding. She was dressed in period clothing and stayed in character throughout the tour. We truly enjoyed ourselves. I added a photo that I took while on the tour that had an orb in it...spooky. Definitely recommend this tour as a must do!
June, 2012, Jennifer W., Ardmore, AL

The tour was fantastic, the guide was friendly and knowledgeable... I Definitely would recommend this to anyone interested in such a tour, the best one out there as far as I'm concerned!
June 2012, posted on TripAdvisor

Your tour, Bonnie, truly is unique and offers a lot. I congratulate you on becoming such a success in just one year. I have used Trip Advisor many many times to plan my trips, so I can understand that a positive review makes a lot of impact. Best of luck in the upcoming years----you have a great thing going!! We will be back when we return!
October 2011, posted on TripAdvisor

Visited Williamsburg as a duel celebration for my graduation from college and my sister's 14th birthday. We both loved the tour, our enthusiastic tour guide, and the experience overall! I highly recommend Spooks and Legends for anyone looking for the perfect mix of entertainment, history, and ghostly tales.
June 4, 2011 Belinda Ochoa

This is an Alcohol Free / Smoke Free Tour: Spooks and Legends has the authority to forfeit anyone's ticket who arrives intoxicated prior to tour time.
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